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Meditation, also known as Dhyan, is an ancient method of connecting our inner consciousness with peace, love and emotion.

Meditation, also known as Dhyan, is an ancient method of connecting our inner consciousness with peace, love, and emotion. It is a spiritual practice in which mental and physical states are controlled so that you can connect with your inner nature. Before knowing the priceless benefits of meditation, we need to know what meditation is.

as meditation, is an ancient method of connecting our inner consciousness with peace, love and emotion.

What is meditation?

There is a way to cure the lack of mental concentration and peace in our lives in a controlled manner. There are many methods of meditation, in which each person can choose the method according to his choice and his capacity. Friends, it is better for a new seeker to practice only one method at first. After some time, when practice becomes regular and interest increases, other methods can be adopted.

Types of meditation

Meditation can be done in many ways, but here we will learn about some special meditation methods.

Breathing method: Pranayama meditation

In this method, you concentrate on your breaths. Focus your mind only on breathing. We have to observe the breath, how it comes out, and how it goes in. No thoughts, just watch the breath peacefully. And by learning and using the special Pranayam method, we get mental peace.

Meditation on the powerful sacred mantra:

In this method, you chant any one mantra. Whatever mantra you like, you should have faith in it. Which gives your mind a topic to focus on. Which helps in controlling your attention.

Breathing continues throughout life. That's why breath is very valuable.
learn the technique of breathing

Concentration on object: Trataka meditation

In this method, you can use the picture of your favorite God, musical instrument, lamp, or anything of your choice. Friends, I create an art point on the wall and focus on it. But keep one thing in mind in this Tratak method you do not have to concentrate too much in the beginning because it can cause headaches. Therefore, practice will have to be increased gradually.

Vipassana Meditation:

In this way, you try to know more about your body. And we learn the art of controlling the nature of our mind by practicing it. Let us practice its different paths.

Friends, these were some special types of meditation; now we will consider the benefits of it.

Friends, it is important to keep one thing in mind while meditating, and that is regularity. Without this, there can be no benefit from meditation.

Did it today, won’t do it tomorrow, and won’t do it the day after tomorrow. It is important to practice regularly.

The practice of Vipassana meditation features dynamic voices, which encourage introspection, and loving-kindness meditation, which emphasizes compassion.
Meditation and Stress Reduction

Magical meditation experiences

There is a different joy in connecting with the soul. Which is different from the happiness of our material world. After meditating, many people often have miraculous experiences that change their lives for the better.

Inner peace:

Friends, by meditating, you become free from mental worries. You experience inner peace and your personality changes.

Better health in life:

By meditating, your physical health also improves, and a different peace and happiness is visible on your face. You gradually stop falling ill. The body starts feeling fresh and energetic. Attracts everyone’s attention.

Right Decision: Decision Ability

By increasing your mental concentration, your ability to make the right decisions increases. Meditation makes you more intelligent.


Meditation guides you in the right direction in your life. Because you can experience your inner wisdom.

some things about meditation

Meditation has to be practiced regularly. Regularity is what will help you reap the benefits of meditation.

Meditation time:

Meditate at the same time every day, choose a fixed time and stick to it.

Help from Guru:

If you’re new and want to try meditation, consider seeking help from a good meditation teacher. Make meditation a part of your life. The morning is good for meditation.


The benefits of meditation are not immediate; it takes time. I don’t have any experience, so don’t worry. It is important to have patience. You have to believe in yourself and experience your inner strengths.

Friends, these were my experiences with meditation. I hope you like it. How do you like my idea of meditation? you comment me

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