Ownership of Mind : The result of which is our stressful life

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Friends, today I am going to discuss a slightly different topic. The topic is a little complicated, but it is very important for us. If we understand it, then it can be easy for you to walk through today’s stressful life. Friends, nowadays we see that money, property, and most of the relationships in our lives seem to create a situation of stress. And we all have to face one or the other problem. Due to this stress and despair, many people end their lives. Some even end their lives by taking drugs. It becomes very difficult to come out of this. But it starts with a little stress and despair. We get trapped in this stressful situation. We also understand that all this is happening due to stress. But we cannot do anything. We have to take medicine, but after a few days, the same situation occurs. This is not a permanent solution; after the effect of the medicine wears off, the same situation occurs again. Have you ever thought that there could be a permanent solution to this? Friends, the reason for this is our mind; the flow of thoughts in the mind is the reason for this, and the only solution is to control the traffic of these thoughts. But this task is very difficult.

We have to end the mastery of the mind, only then our life can become joyful and worry-free.

 Permanent solution

Yes. In this situation, the mind has become our master, and it has become our nature to do whatever it says. Even though we are the masters, the mind has taken control of us. What to do now? If the mind is doing all this, who are you? If you speak as I do, then who is that? There must be someone whom I am calling. It cannot be the mind because I am trying to control it. So then, who am I? Friends, we have heard and read about the external mind, inner mind, intellect, and soul within us. But we have not practiced properly about these. Friends, people may have many differences regarding this. Some people say that if the soul is inside and He is a part of God, then why does He allow bad things to happen? It is also said in Geeta that the soul is a seer, i.e., one who sees. This means that the soul is always eternal, formless, light, and joyful. It has no faults. Yes. The defects are of the mind, and we feel that they are of the soul. For example, if a red-colored object is placed in front of a prism, then that prism will also appear red. This does not mean that the prism is red. However, the soul is formless and unattached. If I did not have a mind, then I would have seen God, and this would be God’s purpose in not allowing it to be so easy. Otherwise, anyone would be able to get it; then what would be the value of it? I think that is why God created man through the mind.

It is complicated. The role of intellect has also been placed in between; it is filled with the sanskaras of previous births or of this birth. Its only job is to make decisions. When any situation arises, the intellect says it should be like this: I have According to the data from past Sanskar, it is like this. But the mind says no; it is not like this. You have to do this. The mind does not even listen to the intellect; it stops it from making decisions every time. And is forced to go along with itself. It forces me. The intellect says that smoking cigars is bad; it causes cancer. I have such data. The mind will not say no; nothing happens. We have to smoke once; what will happen from that? Let’s smoke. For a few days, the intellect and mind get along with him and start feeling like controlling everything. To attain the eternally happy and radiant state of the soul, we have to remove the control of these two from us. They, who are our masters, have to be made our servants. The real master is us, not them. There is only one way to remove them. To control the traffic of thoughts arising in the mind. And thoughts are not going to be controlled like this; hence, we will have to understand the nature of the mind.

The nature of the mind is not to stay on one thought for too long. You can see that the mind concentrates more on one thought. He doesn’t wait long. He will immediately move on to another idea. If he is at home, the next moment he will be in the office. The next moment, he will be somewhere else. What to do now? Friends, look at those thoughts; just look calmly. Do not oppose. Just look. We have seen that I am not the mind. I am a brilliant soul. I am separate from this mind, separate from thoughts. I am the mind, intellect, and thoughts. I am not all. I am the soul. And just see. Just like you are standing on the bank of the river and watching the flow of water, similarly, you are the soul and are watching the flow of thoughts arising in the mind. Do not pay attention to your thoughts. This will mean that by not running after the mind, the mind will become troubled. Not paying attention to it is like death. Seeing you standing against it, it will slowly start to calm down. Friends, it takes time, but it happens. It is practiced. What is required is the constant practice of observing neutrally. When thoughts reduce, the intellect will start working. The work of making appropriate decisions will begin. The mind will also stop giving trouble.

With this, you will automatically learn to be happy. After learning meditation from an experienced person, one should do it daily for fifteen minutes. This will make the mind habituated. Pranayama should be done to control breathing. Friends, I have said all this, but I know that it is very difficult to do all this. The only cure is continuous practice without getting tired. But without money. Thank you.

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