Change your Breathing and Become Healthy

change your breathing and become healthy

Techniques of Breathing  

Today, I am going to talk about breathing. Friends, we get the first breath and the last one at the time of death. The part in between is called life. Breathing continues throughout life. That’s why breath is very valuable. A human being can survive for three weeks without food and three days without water. But one can last only three minutes without breathing. Breathing is very closely related to our health. Many people know this work. Breath is not just air; along with it, the body also gets the vital air present in the universe. This makes the body feel energetic.

Breathing continues throughout life. That's why breath is very valuable.
learn the technique of breathing

The connection between breathing and emotions

There is a very close connection between breathing and the emotions arising in our minds. You cannot slow down your breathing when you are angry; you breathe loudly when you are angry. Our breathing pattern has changed. If the breathing becomes slow and calm, the mind also becomes calm. By calming the mind, tension, worry, and stress can all disappear.

That’s why we need to work on our breathing. You have to learn to breathe in a controlled manner. Which is also called Pranayam, i.e., controlling the breath. There are many techniques for this. What we see is the physical body, and the energy body inside us is the result of fast or slow breathing. The results are visible on our external bodies.

We breathe very high up, so it does not reach many of the holes in our lungs. This causes diseases. The blood becomes impure. By taking deep breaths, our lungs work fully. The blood flow starts slowing down, and the mind starts becoming calm. This eliminates many major diseases. Not only this, but your thoughts will also change. You will also progress spiritually. You will develop a different personality. Today we will learn the technique of breathing slowly and deeply.

learn the technique of breathing

Learn the Technique

Sit in a quiet place. You can even walk if you lie down, but lying down can cause sleep. This will have to be taken care of. Close your eyes slowly; do not try to calm your mind forcefully. Look at the mind; let it go here and there. After some time, he will start calming down. Then look at the breath. Look at the emptiness. He doesn’t have to do much work. Just look blank.

Let the breath take over the body; don’t get caught up in it. The body will take as much as it wants. Look, the breath is coming and going from the nose. How long do you stay inside? How does it come out? What is the difference between two breaths? Just see; keep watching. Not forced at all. Look as if you are not a body, not a mind, not even an intellect; you are separate from all this. And watching from a distance.

Feel the breath; pay attention. By doing a little practice every day, you will start getting great pleasure. Breathing will start slowing down, and its results will start appearing on your body. All your nerves will become clear. You will fall sick very rarely; after a few days, you will not fall sick at all. So waking up early in the morning, before sunrise, is a very good habit. It is necessary to learn Pranayama properly from a guide.

I have learned meditation and pranayama from many gurus in India. If the breathing method is performed incorrectly, it can also cause harm. Therefore, it is better to do it under someone’s guidance. Friends, these were my thoughts about breathing; if there is anything wrong with it, it is mine, and whatever is good, he can take it. Thank you so much.

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